There were six spots available in the group stage, with Team Spirit grabbing typically the first one, instantly qualifying for the semi-final of the playoffs. They beat out Astralis having a 2-1 score, wrecking them with a new historic 16-1 earn on Dust 2 within their final match. Astralis also maintained to qualify for the playoffs by looking into making that to the 3rd round of the upper bracket. In the lower group Gambit esports beat out G2 having a 2-0 score, winning 16-11 on both Vertigo and Dust II, grabbing typically the final group A playoff berth.

Group Liquid took on Natus Vincere within the final round of the upper bracket in group B. They? d go on to beat typically the CIS team with 2-1 after a great absolute thriller, which saw final chart Inferno go to be able to overtime twice, closing inside a 22-19 Water win. The final team to be eligible for playoffs has been Virtus Pro, who else moved past FIEBRE on Overpass in addition to Mirage, sending typically the Brazilians home.

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This means we now know the upcoming playoff complements. Natus Vincere will certainly play Gambit Esports, with Team Spirit waiting in the particular semi-final to round out the CIS party. Astralis may play Virtus. Expert in the other match of the playoffs, with all the victor taking on a Team Liquid that? s in great form right right now.

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